Top 3 Things You Need To Know Before Getting Coolsculpting

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If you’ve been dealing with pockets of stubborn fat lately that just haven’t gone away despite your consistently healthy diet and exercise habits, you may have been wondering whether getting coolsculpting Virginia Beach would be right for you. Coolsculpting, sometimes also known as nonsurgical fat-freezing, is a procedure that uses tools with cold temperatures to kill off unwanted fat cells. Prior to booking your first session, however, there are a few important things about the procedure you should know about.

1. There’s No Downtime Required

Unlike some other procedures that require significant downtime as you stay home during the recovery period, coolsculpting lets you get right back to your day as soon as your appointment is over. You can even drive yourself home from the doctor’s office! This means you won’t have to worry about losing wages, asking for time off of work or arranging for personal or child care in the weeks following your appointment.

2. It Shouldn’t Be Painful

While the idea of having your fat cells crystallize and die off may sound painful, coolsculpting is non-invasive and shouldn’t cause more than mild discomfort. The procedure is not technically a surgery and doesn’t involve any needles or knives. Instead, your doctor will take two cooling paddles, catch a certain area of fat between them and leave them in place for 30 to 75 minutes. During the session, the cold temperatures cause up to 25% of the local fat cells to die off.

3. You’ll See Full Results in a Few Months

While there’s no downtime following the procedure, it could be a little while before you see results. In fact, full results could take two to three months to show up. This is largely due to the fact that once your fat cells are dead, it takes your immune system some time to identify them and clear them out of your body. However, the good news is that some changes should become visible within a couple weeks of your appointment.

When eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise haven’t been enough to get rid of those stubborn areas of fat and you’re looking for a straightforward way to achieve the physical look you want, you may want to consider whether getting coolsculpting is right for you. Given its multiple benefits, low downtime requirement and quick procedure time, it could be the ideal solution you’ve been looking for.


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