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With all the seedbanks that’s been on search engines and online stores, you’re probably confused on which site or trustable budtender that caters good quality, fresh, and very potent seeds.

Good news! No more endless browsing and end up with unreliable cannabis dispensaries, the seed bank that’s located in Canada and prominent for its wide range of marijuana strains and seeds to offer is your perfect hero – Mary Janes Garden.

For several years, Mary Jane’s Garden has been around for many years serving not just local customers but also growers and marijuana enthusiasts all over the world. Mary Janes Garden’s amazing promos and deals to take advantage of, plus, you can acquire free shipping or free seeds (on a discreet packaging of course), as long as you qualify.

What’s with Mary Janes Garden Seeds?

Mary Janes Garden Seeds prides itself on high-quality services and offers to their valued clients. Their seeds require great attention, as well as careful inspection and guaranteed faster germination, and growth.

Why is Mary Janes Garden better among others?

All seeds of Mary Janes Garden are attended with superb detail. It’s packed fresh, and are assessed by experienced experts in the cannabis community. Aside from its guaranteed high germination rate – which is one of the highest, they have their proven effective techniques to guide you on, so your plants will surely be good to grow.


Buy Mary Janes Garden Cannabis that are Best Sellers this year! Enjoy all kinds of cannabis seeds, whether its regular, feminized, autoflowering cannabis or high CBD strains. That’s not all, you’ll also find also widely preferred landrace strains, popular strains, and recreational strains – Mary Janes Garden got it all for you!

  • 5 Alive Feminized Seeds – a sativa-dominant strain that will boost your energy, which will launch you to the stratosphere.


  • 3 Kings Feminized Seeds – a powerful strain made from combining three very potent strains. It’s a gift to people who need natural treatment for pain.


  • Zkittlez Feminized Seeds – an indica-dominant strain with a relaxing high and sweet taste and smell.


  • White Rhino Feminized Seeds – a very powerful hybrid strain that’s perfect for making concentrates due to its high resin production.


  • Lemon Kush Feminized Seeds – a strong hybrid strain with a soothing lemon and citrus fragrance and flavor.


What is Mary Janes Garden Germination Guarantee?

Mary Janes Garden has no time for BS, when it comes to germination rates online, they guarantee the highest and provide it with strict germination guidelines to follow. Their germination guide can be found on their website.

How to buy Mary Janes Garden Seeds?

Mary Janes Garden Seeds are always ready for your questions. Should you have concerns about how to properly maintain your cultivation or simply wants to know further about the germination guidelines, feel free to use the customer reply form found on their official site, or contact them through the number  provided, or through social media at their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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