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Why Shoes Could Be Culprit To Joint Damage

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8 out of 10 people wear the wrong shoes, according to Podiatrist. What many do not know: too big and too wide shoes are in many cases, the culprit for foot pain. The rule of thumb is, there should be room in the footwell to fit your thumb – no more and no less. And if shoes are too narrow, and feel too tight, do not buy them. 

Shoes Contribute To Foot Problems 

They can be indispensable when it comes to completing an outfit. Some are too small; some are too tight, and some are too high. Shoes that have heels that are too high can cause a lot of problems. According to Orthotics specialists Bradenton FL residents can place too much weight of the body that is focused on that one area of the foot, which can bring damage to the toes themselves, such as ingrown nails or the annoying hammer toe. 

The Equal Distribution Of Weight On The Feet 

When wearing high heels, much of that weight that is teetering on those heels weighs down on the metatarsal bones. This can cause shortened tendons and even joint damage to the knees and hips. Metatarsalgia is pain located in the anterior region of the foot and has become a common occurrence both with men and women, although perhaps the female gender is the biggest victim. 

The causes of Metatarsalgia can be multiple. The weight of our body is normally distributed equally among our feet, which, in turn, distribute the load through a complex system of bones on three areas of the feet, supported by muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Any type of malfunction of this structure inevitably leads to an imbalance of the load. For this reason, the biomechanical causes of Metatarsalgia are the most frequent. 

Which Are The Best Shoes? 

Surveys show that 40 percent of women would wear beautiful but uncomfortable shoes, and endure any pains and risks, instead of wearing proper footwear. About 80 percent admitted to having problems due to footwear and, half of them, having already turned to a Podiatrist for foot problems. Experts say any shoe that forces the foot to a non-natural “flat” position will eventually cause pain. However, doctors point out that it is also harmful to always wear shoes that are too flat, such as ballerinas, because it can lead to heel disorders, such as plantar fasciitis and blisters. Having a completely flat sole can force the body to assume an unbalanced posture that does not support the vertebral column. It is above all the Achilles tendon to suffer more because, lacking support in the back part of the shoe causes the heel to touch directly on the ground, forcing the ankle to have more tension. 

The best shoes say experts, are those with low and wide heels, and above all, shoes that leave enough space on the toes, preventing temporary, and painful suffocation. And shoes should have a sort of cushion under the sole of the foot. So are high heels completely off limits? Podiatrists say not completely off limits. Wearing heels once or twice per week, then switching to low or wide heels will diminish the risk and probably save you headaches on future foot problems.


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