Reasons You Might Want To See Your Podiatrist

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I love exercising. One of my favorite things to do for my workout is run. Running is a great way to burn lots of calories. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to run for a few weeks because I wound up with a heel spur. I tried to let me foot rest up and heal on it’s own, but I’m glad I finally went to get it looked at by the podiatrist. You never know how serious your condition could be on the inside of the body. Reasons you might need to visit your podiatrist include pain when walking, toenail fungus, or a sprained ankle. 

Pain When Walking 

In my case, it was pain in each step. The pain was like a stabbing ache, right in the bottom of my foot. It turns out, running on the hard concrete like I had been doing, was placing a real strain on my muscles and ligaments on the inside. I had no idea. I wound up with inflammation in my foot, and I had to get a cortisone injection. There is a surgical option for heel spurs, but I figured I would take my chances with the injection. Pain while walking or running can be hard to deal with. If you feel any types of pain in your feet when you try to use them, call your podiatrist. 

Toenail Fungus 

Having a toenail fungus can be a very scary thing. Signs you should look for include discoloration, deformity, or weird thickening. If you frequently get pedicures, your nail technician might also warn you if something strange is happening with your toenails. Things that can cause your toenail fungus is not wearing shoes in public places, especially bathrooms or showers. Additionally, be sure to clean tools that you use to clip your nails at home. The moment you notice something strange you should check in to your podiatrist. Over the counter medicine may be a temporary fix, but you need something that will cure the fungus so it will stop coming back. Your podiatrist will probably give you a topical or oral medication. As soon as I notice any problem with my feet I start looking up podiatrist montclair ca

Sprained Ankle 

I’ve never sprained my ankle bad enough to check into the podiatrist, but they are no strangers to the issue. A sprained ankle is a soft tissue injury that your podiatrist can diagnose, wrap up for you and advise you on a procedure to let your ankle heal quickly. A fracture is a bit more serious, will require an x-ray, and you may require a special boot to get around in for a little while. Only a podiatrist can determine the severity of your sprain or broken bone. In some cases surgery is needed, but it’s best to go get your ankle looked at so it can heal properly. 

Podiatrists are fun to visit because of the neat ways they can check our feet and ankles. It’s amazing how each area of the body is so complex that there is a specialist for just about everything. Check out your podiatrist if you are having pain while walking, a toenail fungus, or if you think you’ve sprained your ankle.


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