Overview of Bone Broth Collagen Powder

In the 20th century, protein powders are now the latest trend going. Protein powder has gone viral with use of a new crop bone heavy protein powders. Bone broth protein powders are made up of dehydrated bone broth which promises a large dose of protein, collagen, vitamins and minerals in every dose. 

Bone broth protein is basically made just like how bone broth is made which includes bones, ligaments, tendons and cartilage of chicken and beef cooked at high heat with water. In industrial scale, manufacturers use high heat pressure so that the broth can be cooked in a shorter amount of time but the nutrients are still present. There are multiple nutrients present including magnesium, chondrotin, glucosamine, potassium and calcium. After the liquid is cooked, the bones and other matter is filtered and the liquid is dehydrated so that it becomes to powder form. Other excipient ingredients can also be added such as artificial sweeteners and flavor. The final result is a protein powder that is beneficial in nutrients, fats and protein. 

There are many benefits for this powder. It includes up to 19 amino acids which help out in making protein in the body. There is collagen present which promotes joint health. There are variety of nutrients and electrolytes, which are all important for different processes and functions in the body. Like magnesium and calcium are essential for bone growth and structure. A study was conducted in 2016 which showed that chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine which are both naturally occurring minerals help reduce joint pain and it’s pain relief is similar to a pain injection. This has showed evidence that individuals with osteoarthritis showed reduced amount of pain in their joints.

Other than that, broth protein is also like a probiotic which means its pro gut and helps strengthen the digestive system. Gelatin is present which helps support the intestinal health. Studies have shown that in combination of gelatin and collagen helps the lining of the stomach and acts as a barrier to toxins therefore supporting gut health. 
Before medicines, our ancestors use to drink broth or soup to relieve symptoms of cold, flu or upper respiratory tract symptoms. Latest studies have shown that broth slows down neutrophils which is a type of white blood cell and therefore reducing cough. 
There are skin benefits as well, collagen helps the skin look younger by giving it moisture and reducing dry skin and wrinkles. Powders like Gluten free bone broth collagen protein powder contain type 1 and 3 collagen and contains up to 17 grams of protein in a single serving. 

It is a delicious healthy drink with all the vital nutrients and minerals required for joint support, healthy nails, hair and skin. It’s also a convenience because one drink can give 17 grams of protein along with other nutrients that are difficult to consume on your daily diet. Before they enter the market, all the supplements are tested, produced and packaged. So, overall this is basically a super food. 


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