How to make your bum look and feel amazing

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5 Ways to Make Your Butt Look and Feel Sexy

Are you looking for a sexy look to accentuate your curves with confidence? To achieve the illusion of a sexy butt lift you can make your hips to be slightly bigger than your waist and your butt bigger than your hips. You can get a bum lift, dress appropriately to accentuate your butt, exercising or get your desired butt by trying some quick fixes.

Getting a Butt Lift

This is a widespread (cosmetic) procedure that involves the transmission of fat to aid in the creation of more plumpness in your bum. If you have heard about the butt lift and you are interested in the procedure to Click Here and read more to find a qualified practitioner to have it done safely.

Wearing Heels

The heel design naturally changes the curve of the spine when you wear them; your butt protrudes while you are walking. This gives your butt a sexier shape. Heels help in making your legs look more toned. This, in turn, tricks people into believing that you have a strong butt. Heels also create sexual arousal in men by exaggerating the difference between male and female postures.

Purchase Butt-Lifting Jeans

The jeans are a new idea which is quickly gaining popularity. The fabric has elastic that aids in lifting your butt and enhancing it by 1-2 inches. Available online and in other stores, the jeans are nearly the same price as other jeans. The butt lifting jeans have different lift levels; to purchase the one that fits you right you should try them on. To get a drastic improvement, you can complement these with other quick fixes to get a sexy butt.

Building Your Butt and Leg Muscle

The top way of having a sexy butt is by building a sexy butt. This will require a lot of time and patience. You will start to see changes after 3 to 6 weeks of working out. The changes vary from one person to the other.

Basic Exercises like Donkey Kicks or Bridges

Donkey kicks can be done with or without equipment. Get on all fours in an open area and lift your heel one leg at a time. Start by holding for 3seconds at the top and increase gradually with time and bring your leg down slowly. You can add ankle weights to make it harder and for quicker results. For Bridges, Lie on your back and bend your knees. If you wish, you can add weight by having a bar placed across your hips. Engage your ABS and lift your butts towards the ceiling and gently lowering it down.


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