How to Get Luscious Summer Locks

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We all know the excitement of looking at the calendar and knowing summer is on the way, preparing your wardrobe of Maxi Dresses that you carefully selected. Maxi dresses from ax paris are amongst some of the incredible options that you have available to you for creating a truly beautiful summer wardrobe. The most organised among us will have it all planned out – switching from winter to summer wardrobes, changing the bedsheets to incorporate lightweight duvets during the warmer months and, of course, the all important summer hairstyle we so look forward to. Whether it’s brighter colours or simply a more summer appropriate cut, it’s an important routine to prepare for the holiday season.

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But what if we told you there’s a way you needn’t limit yourself to a few months of the year, and could wear this summer chic look any time you wanted? Why not even combine it with some new summer outfits? Read on to discover our top three tips on how to maintain the style all year round!

1. Sea Salt Spray

Whilst we understand why you wouldn’t exactly want to hit the seafront on a cold December morning in order to achieve the authentic ‘beach’ look, the good news is there’s a product just for you. Whilst salt sprays can feel drying and tough on the hair, when used in moderation and combined with scrunching, they will achieve the perfect tousled beach look we generally reserve for summer.

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2. Conditioning and Nourishing Products

Whether you’ve just survived a rough winter, or you’ve just been through the hot summer months, chances are your hair could use some attention and care after everything it’s been through. Why not try a nourishing treatment shampoo, which will not only make your hair smell delicious, but also protects and nourishes dehydrated hair, giving it a fuller more lively look.

3. Summer Styles!

You know the styles we only whack out during summer – braids, plaits, pigtails and more. All of our ‘girliest’ hairstyles seem to be reserved only for when the sun comes out, but it’s time to change that! Braiding in particular has the joint effect of looking adorable, whilst leaving you with naturally wavy hair when you next let your hair down.

So those are our three basic tips for achieving and maintaining summer hair all year round. Remember, just because the weather around you isn’t summery, it doesn’t mean you and your hair don’t deserve to shine!

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