Advancement in Air purifier  

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Advancement is the only factor which helps a product to stay in the market. That’s why different big companies have a whole department for research and development of their products. This department has one thing to do which is to study their product and find new ways to improve it which will increase their market share in the market. Along with that advancement always bring new opportunities and benefits for the human being.

Advancement indifferent fields of life reduce different threats which human are facing in this world. Like if we see the field of medicine we find out how this field helps the human being to exist on this planet. Several time in past different diseases attacks on human beings due to which the number of people gets died. But now we can cure those diseases by just taking a simple pill.


Pollution is one of the most dangerous factors on this earth which is causing a different type of problems for human beings. There are two types of pollution which are causing most problems for human beings. One is air pollution and another one is water pollution. The main factor behind these pollutions is those factories which are producing smoke and waste. Their smoke is creating air pollution and the water which they through in the river are creating water pollution. Governments are passing different rules related to factory wastes due to which these companies are bound to recycle their waste and reduce water pollution. But in the case of air pollution, we did not see such strong laws. So that’s why there is a product which will help the human being to reduce air pollution and get fresh air.


Air purifier:


The air purifier is a product which is used to get pure air in a controlled environment. What that product do is you have to put it in your room and it starts working it collect all the air present in the room then pass it through its filters and provide you best purified air.In starting these purifiers are huge and have fewer aspects in them but as time passes the technology of air purifier get advance and the size of air purifier also reduce in size. Now they are available in the portable size you can move them easily and place where ever you want to. In the start, they are using simple one layer technology which only pure air from larger bacteria’s but now they are using HEPA technology

In this technology, they are using multiple layers of filters which make sure to purify the air from every possible pollution particles. These purifiers are mostly used by patients of asthma and allergy. The filters which are used in these purifiers have so many small holes that a bacteria or pollution particle can’t pass through them. They may be pass one filter but they are using multiple layers of filters developed with the same technology so it is not possible after that any pollution particle remain in your room. 

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