When Medical Innovations Reach Patients Wherever They Are

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Whether in the environment of an emerging or a high income market, health innovations are disruptive when they possess excellent capabilities, and when they are cost effective. In a globalized world, such as the one we currently live in, we are more interconnected than ever and for this reason, the whole of humanity is starting to benefit from top notch technologies that in turn, improve the health and general wellbeing of all of us as a whole. The Portable ultrasound for sale technology has been developed to have a competitive price so that medical practitioners can acquire it individually, and conduct assessments anywhere they need to. 

In order to treat and hopefully even prevent a chronic medical condition, it is pivotal to diagnose the illness on time, before things take a turn for the worst. The difference between life and death can even be determined by diagnostic examinations such as a blood test, a CT scan, a stress test, or a more straight forward diagnostic work up such as an ultrasound. Breast cancer if caught on time, in the early stages, can significantly improve the likelihood of survival if diagnostic examinations such as ultrasounds, biopsies and mammograms take place when the disease is first discovered. 

Situations Where Top Notch Medical Innovations Are Needed The Most 

Diagnosis may be necessary in situations of extreme urgency to assess extent of injury in urban contexts, where there is not enough time and physical space. Also, it may be necessary to bring medical equipment to remote villages in underdeveloped countries, to assess and treat people in those places that are either too poor or too sick to physically go the nearest medical center to receive the care they need. 

It is important to highlight that regardless of the market of origin, the light weight ultrasound devices can be implemented in developed countries, or in underdeveloped countries and they can effectively save lives in both environments. In a faraway village in Asia or Africa, ultrasounds can be used to follow up on the state of gestational women, as well as to incidentally identify pre- existing conditions in big western megalopolis. 

The portable ultrasound is a disruptive innovation because despite its cost effective efficiency, its technical capabilities have not been sacrificed in order to economize production costs. In addition, not only are portable ultrasounds more affordable to individual buyers, but also they are a fraction of the weight and a fraction of the dimension of the ultrasound machines from twenty and thirty years ago. 

In a nutshell, portable ultrasounds also include add ons designed with the latest and most advance technology which allows medical practitioners to carry out in-depth examinations, which yield more detailed data, aiding patients in geographical areas that are hard to reach. As a result, these examinations can be conducted swiftly in a short period of time, saving patients and physicians time and a lot of money.


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