Dangers of Taking Antibiotics Without Prescription

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We all know what antibiotics does to our body. When doctors prescribe them, usually for bacterial infections, they need to be taken without skipping a day of the course. Unfortunately, many people fail to understand the seriousness of misusing antibiotics. This information is for them to learn about the various dangerous effects of taking antibiotics without prescription. 

Even with prescribed antibiotics, if you are allergic to it or other medications, your treating physician needs to know. The antibiotics that you have been prescribed may contain a few inactive ingredients that may trigger allergic reaction in some cases. Talk to your doctor for more details. Your physician needs to learn about your medical history, such as personal and family history of liver disease, heart disease, kidney disease, muscle disease, vision issues and others. Furthermore, in some people, a few antibiotics may cause disturbance in heart rhythm or sudden heart attack. It is serious or fatal and should not be neglected at any cost. Your physician may choose to advice on this area and direct how to take antibiotics to achieve good success. 

When you are using antibiotics on your own without prescription, there may be a chance that the antibiotics is intended for another infection, not the illness that you are suffering with. In such cases, chances are the medication will cause more harm on your body than your underlying health condition. In most cases, there will be damage that is irreversible. Another factor to consider is antibiotics overdose. Without prescription, you will not know how much to take and for how many days. If you are overdosed or have trouble breathing, call emergency. When someone is overdosed or poisoned with antibiotics, they will have to undergo complete detoxification after scanning from a place like MRI imaging Kenai AK. In a few cases, antibiotics overdose may result in death of the patient or the patient will enter into coma. 

If you are taking antibiotics without prescription and have obtained the medication illegally online or from store pharmacy after bribing your pharmacist friend, things may go wrong for a number of reasons. Some antibiotics may cause mood disorders in some people. There are a lot of evidence causing mental illness among people taking antibiotics without prescription. It may be distressing to see your loved ones go through emotional roller coaster. Clear thinking and sensible decision may not often be present when they are ill or on wrong medication. It is important, therefore, to help the person during this painful dilemma. Additionally, it will be helpful for you to learn that adherence to antibiotics overtime can also lead to addiction. 

You may have general idea about a particular antibiotic, its side effects, its usage, dosage and precaution measures, but this knowledge is not adequate enough to medicate yourself. What you need is a written prescription from a skilled physician. In essence, when you are sick with bacterial infection, the best place to get treatment is your treating doctor and not an online Canadian pharmacy with cheap prescription pills.


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