CKD treatment and How It Can Help

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What is CKD? How do I know if I have it? Is CKD life threatening and what should I do if I discover I have it? CKD, or chronic kidney disease is a disease that affects the way your body filters out minerals in the body. Your kidneys are supposed to work as a cleansing system that helps fitter and balance out blood, urine, minerals, vitamins and water. Your kidneys also control your blood pressure and even helps create hormones. But with CKD, it greatly reduces these functions, sometimes to the point where it can make you sick enough to be on dialysis or even need a kidney transplant. 

What Diseases Make You More At Risk Of Having CKD? 

High blood pressure-This is one of the leading causes of CKD, one out of every five people with CKD has high blood pressure. High blood pressure causes the blood vessels to become smaller, leak or even break. Diabetes- This is the main cause of CKD and a overwhelming majority of people with CKD have diabetes. Obesity is also linked with them all. 

Heart disease- According to scientific research, there’s a pretty big link to heart disease and CKD. People who suffer from heart disease have a huge risk of catching CDK and people with CDK have a great risk at catching heart disease. You are also at risk of strokes, heart attacks and other diseases. 

Family history of kidney failure or other kidney complications- Unfortunately if your father, mother, sister, uncle, cousin, brother or anyone in your family has a history of kidney problems or kidney failure, there might be a huge chance you might have it, CKD has been known to run in families. If you have CKD or anything related to it, you should suggest to other family members to get tested, if you haven’t then it’s best to talk to a doctor as soon as you possibly can. 

What are a few signs and symptoms of CKD? In the beginning stages of CKD, there are no symptoms. If you’re kidneys are still doing their job despite being weak or injured then you will feel okay. People can donate one kidney and stay healthy, people can have one kidney dying inside them and still feel like everything is okay. That’s why the only guaranteed way to know if you have it or not is to get checked out by a doctor. 

What is the best CKD treatment for me? There are two types of CKD treatments. One is dialysis where a machine separates your blood, waste and other liquids from each other. In short, the machine does the work that a healthy kidney should be doing. Another way is having a diet that’s low on cheese and meat. Click here for tips and advice on what to eat when you have CKD. 

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