What You Can do to Make Trips to the Vet Easier

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If you feel that your pet knows when you are taking them to the vet, your feeling may be right. At the very least, your pet likely knows that something unusual is happening and that it’s something that you may not be entirely comfortable with. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to make this trip easier on your pet. The following are tips for visiting a veterinarian Chandler AZ residents can use. 

Control Your Emotions and Thoughts

Your dog picks up on your emotions. If you wake up feeling overwhelmed or stressed, your dog can feel that. If you think that your dog is going to be upset as you head to the vet, your dog will be. He or she will not understand why you are feeling stressed as you head to the car, but they will feel that something bad is about to happen. Control your feelings and your thoughts.

Don’t Apologize 

Dog parents who feel sad that the dog is going to the vet, perhaps you know that shots are coming. If you convey this thought to your dog, he will understand something out of the ordinary is taking place. This is often seen in dogs whose owners have to leave them at home alone while they go to work. The human leaves the house feeling bad and sad about it, they often speak these feelings to their dog. The dog doesn’t understand the words, but does understand the emotions, and they become anxious and insecure, which can and often does, result in them acting out.

Take a Walk

Dogs love to take a walk. Treat your furry friend to a walk before you get into the car to head to the vet’s office. Your dog will appreciate the extra bonding time with you, and you will be tiring the dog and draining his or her energy. This will keep the dog calmer and more relaxed as you head to the vet’s office. A walk is one of the best ways to calm your dog and help her relax. 

Mimic the Vet’s Movements At Home

From the time your dog is a puppy, begin mimicking the vet’s movements at home. Get your dog used to having his ears touched, his legs lifted and touched. Pretend that you are the vet and you’re examining the dog. The more that you do this, the easier an examination will be for your dog. 

The above tips are all designed to make life easier for your dog as he or she goes for regularly scheduled checkups. Of course in an emergency situation the most important thing is to get your dog treatment as soon as possible. For regular visits, take the time to calm yourself, and give your pet a nice, long, relaxing walk beforehand. Always remember that your pet takes his cues from you; if you’re calm, the dog will be calm, if you’re nervous, the dog will be too.


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