Top 4 Sports Supplements That Improve Performance

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Many athletes constantly strive to achieve peak performance. Their ability to endure the trials that define their training and dedication to improve their skills set them apart from everyone else. Sport therapists recommend that athletes eat a diet that is balanced in carbohydrates, fats and proteins. However, some athletes want an energy boost and might consider a supplement that encourages muscle growth and speeds up exercise recovery.


Omega-3s are fatty acids that primarily consists of fish oil. Recent studies have found that fatty acids are essential in preventing heart disease. They lower the risk of high blood pressure and prevent the buildup of triglycerides, which are lipid deposits that accumulate and travel through the blood stream. Omega-3s help speed up the time needed to recover from exercise after particularly tough sessions, increasing the production of gylcogen in the muscles.


Burlington physio and sports medicine experts know that creatine monohydrate helps increase lean muscle mass and increases power output in older adults. The supplement first gained popularity in the 1990s, since it has been proven safe and inexpensive among customers. Creatine is ideal for athletes prepping for intense sports competitions such as football and boxing to promote consistent muscle growth. It also increases water in muscle tissue, helping nutrients pass through the body and sustaining consistent performance.

Whey Protein

Nutritionists have agreed that most people need 0.36 grams of protein per pound. For athletes, the requirement is increased to keep optimal performance. Whey protein provides several health benefits, lowering cholesterol levels in overweight men and fighting against insulin resistance to lower the harmful effects of type-2 diabetes. Another benefit is that whey don’t affect men and women differently, as they both experience the same benefits.


Many athletes are skeptical about the safety of herbs, since their benefits aren’t as transparent as protein shakes or other supplements with greater nutritional value. However, athletes sometimes require a mental remedy to cope with intense emotions that could interfere with their training. Some coaches have noticed the difference between focus and agitation. It turns out that a small amount of ashwagandha can improve sleep and promote a greater sense of relaxation. Ashwagandha also promotes hormonal health and decreases inflammation, improving the body’s stress response.

Athletes who take supplements recognize that they aren’t as effective if used as stand-alone solutions that increase physical performance. They usually take a combination of different supplements, from whey protein to creatine, at different times of the day. Ultimately, they help prepare for exercise and lower the rate of injury that could occur as athletes train.


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