How Should You Choose Your Best CBD Oil?

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Since the farm bill of 2018 declared use of CBD and few other hemp products legal in the USA, more people have started taking CBD oil for their general health and for the treatment of many different ailments.

If you are not too familiar with CBD, then choosing the right product for you may often be too complicated and also overwhelming.

Presently, FDA has not yet taken up the responsibility to regulate the CBD market, which means so far there exists no standardization or guidelines for daily use. Research is also in the preliminary stages, hence there are lots of questions but only a few answers.

Also, CBD sellers are offering CBD products in several forms and formulations. While trying to identify the right products to try, it is necessary to consider several factors as below:

  • Formulation
  • Ingredients
  • Price
  • Strength
  • The best type meant for you
  • Where it is grown
  • Whether it has been tested by an independent lab
  • Why you are using it

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Different ways of consuming CBD

CBD products are available in many different formulations, also their absorption rates can greatly differ from each other. Let us discuss the pros and cons of a few commonly available formulations of CBD.


  • Sublingual delivery can be quickly absorbed.
  • Effects will be faster
  • Prevents the CBD from getting filtered by your liver.
  • Easier to take


  • Keeping under the tongue can be unpleasant.
  • Dosage can be difficult to adjust if you have poor vision.
  1. Topical CBD

Topical CBD is available as creams, balms, lotions, waxes, and liquids and can directly be applied to affected areas.


  • Offers quick relief at the right place where you exactly need it.
  • An effective and safe way of getting relief from pain and inflammation.


  • These products may cost significantly high on the market.
  • Skincare products are unlikely to offer any benefits.
  1. CBD capsules

CBD capsules or soft gels can be easily swallowed.


  • Dosage can be easily done by using capsules that will be more consistent in comparison to drops.
  • The effect of CBD will stay longer once it reaches the bloodstream.


  • Benefits will not be realized quickly as it has to pass through your digestive system.
  1. CBD edibles

Few common edibles available are gummies, chocolates, gums, flavored sprays, chewy candies, cookies, hard candies, cold drinks, and teas.


  • People like edibles because they taste good.
  • Discrete way to take and can be taken publicly.


  • Dosing may be difficult as the concentration can be uneven.
  • Can attract child as packaging is not childproof.

Another form of consuming CBD is through vaping, which also is getting popular these days. However, a few research result shows that vaping can pose a very serious health risk. For young people, it is becoming a gateway to get addicted to nicotine and few other substances.


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