5 Reasons Why Weight Loss Requires Strength Training

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While cardio may be the best way to burn fat in a workout, strength training is the best way to keep burning calories–even after exercising. Strength training is an effective weight loss technique. It produces muscle, which makes it more hungry than fats.

Strength training is the best weight loss option. Although it may not be as popular as cardio, there is no doubt that strength training is just as effective. Here are six reasons:


Anaerobic exercise uses short, intense movements that are high in intensity. These types of weight loss training are perfect, as they rely on energy stored in your muscles rather than oxygen.

This exercise group includes strength training, which is responsible for increasing muscle mass. We will discuss how your muscle mass impacts weight loss. Anaerobic exercise is a way to build muscles and lose fat.


Strength training is a type of exercise that uses energy stored in muscles. This means you can produce more muscle by doing this type. While shedding fat and producing muscles are more energy-intensive than shedding them, 10 pounds of muscle will burn 50 calories per workout while 10 pounds of fat will burn 20 calories. Although losing weight may seem easier at first, it will become more difficult over time.

Specific strength training is designed to increase lean muscle mass. These tissues are high in metabolic rate and are free of fat. They can also burn more calories than any other tissue. This is the reason strength training works so well: it helps you lose fat and maintains muscles that are calorie-burning.


The technical term for “after-burn” is Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). EPOC is the best stimulator of strength training because it focuses more on intensity and not duration. After-burn is when your body attempts to get you back to pre-exercise condition. It does this by expending high amounts of energy and releasing your muscles.

Studies show that weight training, which is a form of strength training, has a linear relationship with EPOC. Your EPOC will last longer if you do weight training. Currently, weighted high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the most efficient workout program in stimulating EPOC.


Your resting metabolism rate is the rate your body burns calories at rest. Strength training is essential for weight loss because it increases the thermal activity of muscles, which are more active than fats. Muscles are the best way to increase RMB.

Why is RMR important for weight loss? Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure is comprised of three elements: 1) your resting metabolic rate, 2) thermic effects of food, and 3) activity. Your RMR is responsible for 60% to 70% of your daily caloric intake.


Strength training is a form of strength training. Its goals are, as the name implies, to build strength and useful muscles. These goals are then achieved and you can do more heavy lifting in a shorter time. This allows for more opportunities to calorie-burn.

Simply put, strength is the ability to accomplish tasks. Your strength determines how strong you are at building muscles. More repetitions means more strength. You will also need to repair your muscles more often if you lift heavier loads. This is why RMR uses more energy.

Although cardio and strength training have different aspects, both are important for weight loss. Strength training is more effective for long-term weight loss. Avoid workout myths and work with a personal coach to lose weight quickly and safely.

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