Addressing Dental Phobia Through Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is among the emerging technologies that have made dentistry more appealing especially to children and other individuals who are afraid of visiting a dentist’s office. For many people, the idea of stepping a foot into a dentist’s office frightens them. The number of people with dental phobia is increasing by the day. This has led to serious dental health problems where individuals chose to live with dental decay, dental cavities, and even crooked teeth rather than visiting a dentist. Fortunately, the emergence of laser dentistry is slowly changing the perception of a dental visit and more people are seeing their dentists than in the previous years. 

What Contributes To Dental Anxiety And Fear? 

Between nine and fifteen percent of Americans fail to visit their dentist due to anxiety or fear. Most of the individuals with dental anxiety say that they usually feel uneasy about an upcoming dental appointment. Other people may have exaggerated fears or worries. But what causes anxiety among these people? 

Fear of pain is one of the common reason individuals fear visiting dental offices. Sometimes, the fear of pain can stem out of a painful or unpleasant dental experience in the past. Some people can even develop this fear by just listening to “horror” stories. Fear of injections is another common reason people avoid dentists. A lot of people fear needles, and they will do anything to avoid them. The fear becomes worse if the needles are to be inserted into the mouth. 

Another major cause of dental phobia is dental drills. One study published in 2014 on the National Center for Biotechnology’s website revealed that dental drills were the leading cause of anxiety and fear in patients across the country. The study showed that the brains of individuals with dental phobia react distinctively to the sound of dental drills. Other causes of dental phobia include the feeling of helplessness, embarrassment, loss of control and loss of personal space. The good news is that most of these fears can be addressed every time you make an appointment with a dental office brantford

Laser Dentistry Eliminates The Use Of Dental Drills 

This is exciting news for individuals with dental phobia. The new laser technology being used in dentistry eliminates the use of dental drills during dental appointments. Nowadays, most of the dental offices are designed to be more welcoming to children and other people battling with dental phobia. 

A Pain-Free Experience With Laser Dentistry 

This is a big win for all individuals with dental issues. We all hate the pain and discomfort that comes with most of the dental procedures. Luckily, the new laser dentistry has come to revolutionize dental health. Laser dentistry utilizes a laser beam and water to address tooth decay, old fillings, and treat infected tissues without causing pain or discomfort. Laser dentistry has a wide area of application including whitening teeth, fighting gum recession, addressing gum diseases, removing old fillings, and removing decay from an affected tooth. This revolutionary technology has opened the way for non-invasive dentistry.

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