Providing Care For Those Who Need It Most

Sometimes, there are people who need someone to live with them at all times who can provide the care that they need so that they don’t have to go to a nursing home or assisted care facility. If you have a caring disposition and you don’t have other obligations that would hold you back, then this career position might be something to consider. There are a few tips to keep in mind about things that you should do and things that you should avoid doing while you’re in the home. 

As a live in health aide west palm beach fl agencies offer to families, your job is to provide healthcare for patients so that they can comfortably stay in their home. While you might be there 24 hours a day as someone who lives in the home, there are times when other workers can step in and help as well. You should create a schedule with the family so that they can be primary caregivers as well and so that they can enjoy visiting with their loved one. 

Each person you care for should be treated with respect. You should also have patience with the people you care for as some of them are unable to get out of bed and some of them might not be able to think for themselves as they once did. You will have clients who have Alzheimer’s and those who have other illnesses that impact the mind, causing them to be forgetful or to be in an altered state at times. 

When you provide assistance in the patient’s home as a live-in caregiver, you will need to be prepared to enter homes of all sizes and conditions. You will meet patients from all backgrounds and walks of life. If you are truly living in the home with the patient to provide care, then you will likely have your own sleeping space and storage for your clothes. You would need to provide assistance for the client with bathing, cooking, caring for the home, and the medical needs that the person has along with providing care for yourself. 

If you see that there is an emergency situation that unfolds, then you need to alert the proper authorities. If the situation warrants an ambulance, then you should call for help before calling the family to either come to the home or go to the hospital. Try to encourage the person to live as independently as possible, but if you are there as an aide who lives in the home, then this sometimes isn’t possible all the time. Offer support for the person as well as their family members. They are relying on the care that you provide so that they can care for their families as well. Part of being an in-home aide is that you will need to provide care that might be received in a nursing facility, such as changing the person’s bed and helping with hygiene or assisting with eating during the day among other basic tasks.

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