Why Jawbone Loss Could Ultimately Change Your Facial Features

Many people see implants as being an expensive and fancy way of replacing missing teeth, but their actual value is not just a cosmetic fix. There are many more reasons, that people don’t realize, why you need to replace missing teeth. But there are even more important reasons to choose any dental implants fort collins co dentists point out. 

Why Replace Your Missing Teeth? 

There are common reasons for losing teeth, like suffering trauma to the mouth or medical treatments like chemotherapy that can cause tooth loss, or perhaps it has to do with aging. It’s a fact that life can cause teeth to simply come to an end, but the most serious consequences of any type of tooth loss is always jawbone loss. 

According to dental professionals, jawbone loss is treatable though the use of bone grafts. The problem is that when you don’t make oral health a priority, you can find that you’re paying for a series of bone grafts over time to continually build a jaw that is degrading, and then there is no jaw left to support a tooth. This can be expensive and painful over the long run. The optimal remedy to further prevent jawbone loss is to have dental implants. It stimulates the bone where there is no longer any tooth to keep growing. 

The post substitutes the root structure for the missing tooth. It acts as a support that can take some impact from chewing, clamping and talking so that the bone is always stimulated and growing in that area. Most people see bone as this kind of static element in the body, but that’s not true. It needs to be stimulated to stay active and healthy. Dental bridges and dentures do not prevent bone loss. Implants are the only solution that can protect our dental health because it supports the root structure, behaving as they did before your tooth loss. 

In addition to bone loss, people with implants also tend to have improved digestion because of the mechanical breakdown of food by chewing, which is better with implants than dentures or bridges. The fact is, proper digestion requires extensive chewing, so that food is broken down into a liquefied form before swallowing. When you don’t have natural teeth, you are not encouraging the chewing process. Your oral health is linked to so many other elements that affect the body, and choosing replacement teeth can impact your wellness in many ways. 

Can You Replace Teeth Right After Extractions? 

Many people who need extractions would prefer to immediately replace teeth. This depends on how much bone is available in the jaw. There are different approaches to place dental implants after tooth extractions. A dentist may want to wait a few weeks up to three months to allow gum tissue to regrow or heal. The benefits of waiting to perform the implantation is greater permanence in the long run. Implants that are done to quickly do not always take, so waiting a bit benefits the patient. This process takes time, and there are several dental appointments to complete the implant process. Following surgery, gums are generally sore and you’ll be on antibiotics, but the discomfort can be treated with over-the-counter medicines.

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