What to Expect at Your Child’s First Visit with the Dentist

Your child’s first trip to the dentist is an important milestone that can sometimes be a little bit traumatic and cause a lot of anxiety for the parents too. It’s recommended that children see a pediatric dentist Missouri City TX within 6 months of them getting their first tooth or by the time that they turn 1. There are a lot of questions that you may have as a parent and you might want to know how to prepare for it correctly. Nobody wants to be told that they aren’t brushing and flossing enough. 

Really, there isn’t much that happens treatment wise during your child’s first dental visit. It’s essentially an opportunity for your child to be able to meet their dentist and get them used to their surroundings in the office. In addition, they will also give them an examination for any signs of tooth decay or other issues with their oral health. If the teeth need cleaning, they will do that and possibly treat them with fluoride. After getting to know your child a little, their dentist will be able to answer any questions you may have and help to teach you about dental health care. 

Usually, dentists will recommend visits for children every 6 months. They believe that this helps the child build a relationship with the dentist in case they need more involved dental work in the future. They are also able to catch and oral health problems early so they can be treated before they cause further damage. There will be a lot of forms to fill out during the first visit so it’s important to have a legal guardian or parent there for the first visit. 

There are a few differences between a pediatric dentist and a regular dentist. In order to be a pediatric dentist, they must receive at least 2 more years of training than is required for traditional dentists. Both types of dentists can treat the oral health issues that your child may have, but the one is designed specifically for children. The decorations are put together to try to make children feel comfortable and the staff is trained to work with children. While you may choose to take your child to a regular dentist if they don’t have any oral health issues if there are concerns you may want to consider seeing a pediatric dentist instead. 

Many parents are concerned about giving their child an x-ray at a young age and there are arguments over what age or development milestone should be reached before having their first one. By around 5, many children have had their first x-rays, but sometimes they are needed earlier. This is the case if your child is at risk for or has certain medical conditions. X-rays become more important as the adult teeth start growing in. They are able to monitor their progress and make sure that they are growing in the way that they should. Problems that may require the use of braces or a retainer can also be identified early and treated easier.


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