Root Canals, Complex but Common

A root canal is another word for tooth surgery or endodontic therapy. This procedure consists of cleaning out the pulp and disinfecting it, which prepares it for a filing. Let’s be clear, the word root canal can be used as a verb or a noun. When used as a noun, it referring to the space within the root of the tooth. This area is contains the pulp chamber. Every tooth has a hollow area that consists of soft tissue. This tissue is made up of nerves, connective tissue and blood vessels. This hollow area contains a wide space in the coronal portion of the tooth called the pulp chamber. These canals run through the center of the root of the tooth, similar to how lead goes through a pencil, if you can imagine that, than you can pretty much understand. The pulp receives nutrition through the blood vessels. Along with this, the sensory nerves carry signals back to the brain, for example, if pain is felt etc. 

The Structure of the Root Canal 

The structure of the root canal consists of the pulp chamber and root canal, both contains the dental pulp. Accessory canals are smaller branches, they’re normally found near the root end, however they may be found anywhere along the length of the root. The amount of root canals defer, depending on the individual tooth, it could be anywhere from one to five or more. The internal anatomy of one’s teeth, is known to vary. When a root canal is performed, there is a chance that it could fail. The reason behind this is due to a patient having a unique canal shape with complicated branches and multiple root canals. For example, if a root canal is cleaned and disinfected, but the dentist did see the second root canal, so it goes untouched, this could present a root canal failure, both canals would need to be cleaned and disinfected. 

A root canal procedure saves the tooth, after it has decayed or gotten infected. The only other alternative is for the tooth to be extracted or pulled. Once the pulp is infected or damaged, you basically only have these two choices. Any Some of the symptoms that will take place, when a root canal is needed is 

1. Tooth sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures 
2. Severe toothache 
3. Darkening of the tooth 
4. Swelling of the gums 

If you are experiencing these symptoms be sure not to prolong the situation. If the root canal treatment is withheld, the infection can worsen. As long as the dentist you choose is licensed, and has a good reputation, you should be in good hands for any root canals valparaiso in. Though root canal procedures can be complicated, they are done regularly, so be sure to choose a professional that has done a few before. 

Root Canals have a 95% success rate. That’s a lot of teeth being saved. Remember, if the dentist cant find a way to save the tooth, his/her only option is to extract. Once the patient undergoes the root canal procedure, there’s an excellent chance that the tooth will last for a life time. After the root canal procedure, the patient ,ay feel discomfort. The discomfort is mainly due to tissue inflammation, especially if the tooth was infected or damaged prior to the surgery. Resting, avoiding spicy or hot foods for a fews days may be helpful. Also, you may want to purchase a bottle of Advil or Aleve aspirin before the event.

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